The Taraba Decides Debate 2022: A Path For Political Accountability  

The Taraba Decides Debate 2022: A path for Political Accountability  

Well-functioning democratic structures and strong political governance are central to economic development.  

However, a lack of information about elections in democracy can weaken the accountability of elected politicians and, consequently, decision-making.  

Our research has found that giving voters access to information through debates between rival candidates can significantly improve their knowledge and increase democratic participation. 

Political information can be difficult to access because of fledgling democratic structures and poor media penetration.  

Tarabans may vote for candidates with little knowledge of their policy stances, qualifications, previous performance, or potential remit. Although election debates arguably inform voter deliberation, there is a knowledge gap around the impact debates have on voters’ decisions. 

Taraba Decides (@tarabadecide) is working with various civil society groups to host the first Taraba Decides on the 19th of October 2022. 

Be our guest.  

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