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giving Tarabans a choice


Taraba Decides an an initiative of TRAFUD GLOBAL is aimed at bridging the gap between the citizens of Taraba and the citizens. 

Taraba Decides is an independent political movement, non partisan group for proper politcal enlightment, engagement of Tarabans to in participation in democracy. 


Our Purpose

The purpose of Taraba Decides is to influence Tarabans in deciding who leads them and proper monitoring of their leaders in keeping to their proposed policies, programmes and projects after being elected into their respective offices.


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision as Taraba Decides is to give Tarabans a choice of leaders and engage all relevant stakeholders in deciding and monitoring who leads them.


Election monitoring is not meant to be biased and it should carry along, the general masses, therefore Taraba Decides seeks to bring all political parties, relevant stakeholders and the general public to engage in the process of deciding and monitoring their elected leaders.

Our Core Values


Key Participation in democracy is a vital drive for Taraba Decides


Transparency from the government to the general public 






Justice for all by all



This initiative seeks to  educate the voters on elections matters , increase voters awareness and reduce political apathy among Tarabans.

The Voice Out Initiative seeks to hear the voices of both the masses and the aspirants about the performance of their leaders and their expectations.

This initiative seeks to help monitor and track the electioneering process live from the polling unit for  transparency while the project management initiative seeks to track the  administration policies, projects and programmes in line with their manifestos.

This initiative brings to lame light the various political offices and aspirants on one stage to defend their manifestos and answer the questions of the masses. 

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